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About Us

123-Rescue is one of the leading names in IT support industry. We have been providing our services since last many years and have placed a unique mark in the industry. We are known for providing quality Remote technical support. Being a core partner, 123-Rescue is helping businesses and individuals to resolve their common issues with their IT elements, eventually making them able to focus on their core task more profitably.


At 123-Rescue, "100% customer satisfaction" is the word we live day-in-and-day-out. We strive to make our services available for every individual, and we are willing to run the extra mile to deliver you the full satisfaction. Our mission is to achieve a place in your everyday life where you can trust us for every concern you face.


With our customer-centric approach and unique delivery model, we have made a mark in Technical support services. Now our vision is to become a name which speaks for itself. We believe that the success of any organisation lies in the smiling faces of its customers. We work with a clear vision to attain the same, to have a maximum number of satisfied customers under our umbrella.

Why Choose 123 Rescue?

We are a premiere, experienced and professional IT set-up and support company.


Our ethos is customer satisfaction: we provide a high quality service to all our clients.

  • Complete support: Across all platforms and devices. Our support plans are designed for both businesses and individuals.
  • Instant help: Whether chatting online or speaking on the telephone, our certified technicians provide instant assistance.
  • Satisfied customers: Our friendly, expert service leads to high customer satisfaction rates and recommendations.

Make the most of your technology with the help of one of our competitively priced service plans.

Call us free on 1-800-787-1602

Get Ultimate 24/7 technical support


  • Unlimited 24/7 access all year long
  • Antivirus & antispyware support
  • Secure your data and online identity
  • Tools to keep your PC running fast

Client Reviews

  • 123-rescue was able to match our expectations in terms of quality and timely responses. It was our first experience and it was 100% successful due to their proactive partnership. Now 123-rescue is our lifetime partner.

    - Genesis

  • 123rescue.com has been wonderful support. I threw them a few curveballs along the way and they never missed a beat. Very thorough and very organized. Will definitely work with them again! Thanks!

    - Mark

  • I am very satisfied with 123-rescue.com support. I will be happy to provide reference for them and will definitely use their services for my friends as well as maintaining the support they have done for me.

    - Olivia

Trusted Technical Support

Our online tech support service covers every eventuality from software incompatibility issues to Internet connectivity problems, and everything in-between. Client satisfaction is paramount in our service. we pride ourselves on our expertise, affordability, and availability as a first class technical support specialist.

Just Give Us a Call: 1-800-787-1602