How to easily clean an infected computer

You know the feeling when you’ve done everything you can to protect your PC but still it gets infected. You always do your updates, your anti-virus is current, and you stay well away from any potentially problematic websites, but still it happens. With the best will in the world you can’t always prevent getting a virus on your PC.

If that happens you’re going to need help with computer virus removal. Contact a technical support consultant and they can take you through the options you have to get your PC back to normal.

Is there malware about?You can usually tell if malware is lurking on your PC; it’ll try and prevent you from installing any programme that would help get rid of it and it’ll interfere with your anti-virus.

Check out the messages on pop ups

You’ve seen them, the infuriating pop ups that are signs of the infection. But what do they say? The content of the pop up has probably been seen before and it can help online tech support to provide a solution to your problem and help with virus removal support.Try scanning in safe mode.

If you can’t find an immediate solution try booting your PC in safe mode and then using your search engine to find a reputable virus scanner; the one you have on your PC has probably been compromised for the infection to have occurred in the first place. Before you run the scan use advanced settings to make it as detailed as possible; allow it to search deeply.

Make sure you’re protected

Hopefully the scan will identify and resolve the issue and you’ll have your PC back working normally again. All that then remains is to ensure that you have anti-virus protection. It may not always work but it does help to protect your PC against future attacks.

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