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Steps Of Installing An Antivirus In Infected PC

Virus attack is the most common issue in today's internet era. It is capable of stealing your personal data, file, folder, or email, and then spread them over the internet by making multiple copies. But it puts the largest impact on the performance of your computer. This is due to the reason virus occupies all the resources of a computer and leave other applications resource less. If the virus is stronger, it may even damage your entire system. These viruses are designed by hackers to damage the computers and steal their personal data. Virus is also the reason behind various pop-ups while browsing internet. All these effects increase the demand of an antivirus, and it is suggested that every computer user must have an antivirus installed on his system.

That's the most regrettable part of technology that we can live with it, but we can't live without it. Second important stuff to keep in mind is data security, which has become a global issue given the reach of internet. Thousands of people are there who complaint about the safety of their valuable data. All these issues have one thing in common, they are very annoying. So it is the time to find a suitable solution for them.

If you are late, and your computer is already affected by virus, you must install the antivirus as soon as possible. Here are some tips to install an antivirus and make your computer virus free:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is selecting the most capable antivirus. There are hundreds of antivirus available in the market, some are free and some are paid. You can download a free antivirus from internet. If you have major virus issues, it is suggested that you purchase the licence. Paid ant viruses are more powerful than free antivirus. Seek for Online Antivirus Setup & Installation Support from an expert.

Step 2: After selecting the antivirus, it is the time to download the same. Visit the website of manufacturer and download the application on your local storage. Click on the setup file and follow the instructions given during the installation process. If your computer is already infected by virus, it is suggested not to download the antivirus from internet as it may cause more damage.

Step 3: If you are purchasing the license of an antivirus, go to the provided link and make payment through credit card or by PayPal. As soon as you make the payment, a confirmation mail will be dispatched to your email account. This email contains the downloading link and serial key for the antivirus program.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can get the CD of antivirus, which is more secure if your computer is already infected. Insert the disc in CD drive and follow the instructions. If you face any trouble, Online Antivirus Setup & Installation Support may help you. After successful installation, a shortcut will be created on desktop which allows you to access the application directly.

Step5: After installation, launch the application to scan your computer. Click on the shortcut. Once the application is open, click on "Start Scan". Generally you have three options there, namely Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. It is suggested that you chose full scan, which will scan all the files in your computer. Once the scan is complete, it will produce list of all the infected files. Remove these files permanently for better security.

Just follow these simple steps and ensure the safety of your computer. For better performance, run the scanning on a regular basis. Scan your computer after every few days to ensure you never get any virus attack in future.

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  • Steps Of Installing An Antivirus In Infected PC

    Virus attack is the most common issue in today's internet era. It is capable of stealing your personal data, file, folder, or email

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